Hey guys and welcome to my website!

I’m Tara and I’m a doctor of physical therapy and a yoga teacher.

In my career as a physical therapist, I chose to specialize in treating patients with pelvic health issues, orthopedic issues, and chronic pain.

I began to feel like there was a missing piece in physical therapy and that was the ability to work on the mind, body, soul connection which I feel leads to long term healing.

I wanted to be able to offer my patients healing on a deeper level (not just physical) which led me to my yoga teacher training.

Throughout my yoga teacher training, I experienced a personal transformation and knew I needed to share my knowledge on a larger scale.

Everything seemed to come together in my mind and I realized I could combine my knowledge from being a physical therapist and apply it to yoga to help people transform their lives.

Being a physical therapist AND a yoga teacher allows me to look at the entire person on many different levels.

I want people to be able experience the amazing healing effects that can happen when you work on the mind, body, and soul as ONE!

On a more personal note..

  • For my own fitness routine I combine yoga and weight training. I enjoy helping people find a fitness routine that works for them.
  • I am passionate about helping animals and our environment.
  • I live on Long Island with my fiancé and our three dogs.
  • I would get a fourth dog but Scott (my fiancé) and Tyson (my oldest dog) are against it 😆.
  • Scott and I love all animals and hope to one day rescue others such as chickens and turkeys.
  • I have a growing collection of indoor plants 🤷🏻‍♀️.

I hope to have a positive impact on everyone here.

xox Tara